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Please pay close attention to this short message, because you’re going to learn about the BIGGEST opportunity you have ever seen to make real money online…

The Best


Now, I know you’ve probably heard this sort of thing before, so we want to take a couple of minutes to prove to you why 2Help2 is the best…

Good Opportunities


Unlike many opportunities out there where you find yourself waiting to get paid, 2Help2 is a real-time system that pays you INSTANTLY for anything that you send into the platform… We do this by harnessing the power of Bitcoin.

Good Investment


Education, Technology, and on-going Training, plus KILLER Support sets the “true value” of a Good Investment for Marketers.

Timing & Positioning

  • High Quality Education for Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Technology, and Cryptocurrency.
  • Instant Commissions, and Bonuses paid immediately.
  • No Matter where you are you get paid.
  • MasterCard and Web Banking – so you can cash out your Bitcoin to cash in any ATM World wide the very same day.
  • World Bank states there are over 2 Billion people who do not have Bank accounts.
  • 2Help2 has Defined “Banking the UnBanked”

2Help2 Provides e-Business For The Planet

That Is Our Market!



With our platform, anyone, anywhere can set up an online business without needing credit cards or bank accounts…



Beyond getting paid, we have one of the greatest products in the market. In fact, it’s something that all online entrepreneurs need, and it almost sells itself…



There are over 2.5 billion unbanked people in the world, with tens of thousands of unbanked entrepreneurs with a need…

The Attraction Funnel

It’s Called…

welcome to 2help28


It gives you everything needed to create native marketing funnels that continually build your business.


The Attraction Funnel is built on the WordPress platform, making it extremely versatile and easy to use.


The best part about the Attraction Funnel is you don’t have to be tech-savvy or know how to write code. You can setup a squeeze page, sales page, or even an entire marketing funnel with just a few clicks of your mouse…

Available Templates

attraction-funnel 1

It's Incredibly Simple To Use…

But our product line-up doesn’t stop at the Attraction Funnel system.

” We also include tools like Webby, FBrilla,, RTMojo, PCF Optin Pro and Profitizer to allow you to build dynamic Native marketing funnels that generate free traffic 24×7 using the power of social media…”

How About Live Webinars And Replays?

Sure, We’ve Got That Too…

welcome to 2help21


Replays that play all the time and Live Hangout’s, Ustream, it does not matter what you want to stream… it streams via our platform

welcome to 2help21


As you can see, 2Help2 is superior to every other money-making opportunity out there… The product that we sell is awesome, in-demand, and needed by almost every online entrepreneur, and did we mention you get paid INSTANTLY?

welcome to 2help21


What we’re offering is like no other marketing platform in existence today… and you can get access to EVERYTHING…

Learn More About The Attraction Funnel Platform

To see results with your business, you need a sales funnel. Unfortunately, to setup a proper funnel, you need to be an expert at copywritng and web design… That is it until now…


Drag and Drop

Lightweight, easy to use interface that Creating pages and posts is easier than ever. No programming knowledge required!


Frontend Editor

Enjoy a “What You See Is What You Get” page building experience with our amazing frontend editor. See how your content will look on the frontend, instantly, with no additional changes required.


Backend Editor

Prefer to work on backend? No problem! the editor still supports native content management on the backend, with all the important functions and options at your fingertips.


Template System

Copy or re-use existing pages, and save templates for later. Build posts using 40+ professional, pre-defined layouts using the pre-defined templates pack.


Responsive Design

Your content will look great on both desktop and mobile sites. Take full control over responsive design – define column size, offsets and display options. Instantly check out how your content is displayed.


Design Options

Control how elements look with new Design Options. Set borders, margins, addings, border radius and background with a few simple clicks. Use color panel and alpha to enhance your design. Create up to date


Image Filters

Transform your images by applying unique professional image filters to any image on the site and Align your image style in every page– and even featured images – by choosing filters from 20+ available presets.


Updates & Upgrades

We always stay on top with updates of our products. As soon as an update are done we let you know thru Push. And whenever convenient for you feel free to upgrade.

Once inside, you’ll get to learn more about our platform, pay structure, and how to get started making money TODAY…

No Waiting For Commissions

  • It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing MLM or Internet Marketing…
  • It really doesn’t matter what you’re doing online…
  • You need a fully-functional platform with traffic that’s built in…
  • When you combine all of this with our Direct and Shared Commissions, Infinite Rollup, and Freedom Units where you get a piece of ownership in the company, 2Help2 is going to change lives…
  • Hopefully, you’ll seize this opportunity and it will change your life too…

PRE-LAUNCH has began, and you can get started as an affiliate for FREE by simply logging in with your favorite social account below…

Giving Everyone In The World An Opportunity To Profit Online!

We are leading the charge by embracing the future of currency. Right now, you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something big…

Online Marketers and Entrepreneurs

Get access to groundbreaking tools that will help you sell more without worrying about chargebacks, merchant fees, banks, or merchant processors. This truly opens you up to a worldwide marketplace… without boundaries, limitations, or restrictions…

Independent Distributors

Become a partner with the 2Help2 team and get paid handsomely for helping others get access to online marketing tools like our Attraction Funnel, and system that can literally change someone's life… regardless of their background or where they’re from…

Here's What People Are Saying

About Our Attraction Funnel…

This is a one stop shop for all the tools you will ever need to market online. The tools, training & Mentorship on silent list building and facebook blueprints have changed my Game. Grateful to be part of it..

For me as a teacher in web design this product is really interesting. So many things you can do with it. Excited to start work using Attraction Funnel.

This is a great product and a one of a kind pay system. I'm really happy to be part of this from the beginning. Thank you guys.


Andrew Twelftree

Affiliate Member


Inger Johannessen

Affiliate Member


Oe Ploy Meesang

Affiliate Member

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