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  1. Создание сайтов Киев on September 20, 2019 at 8:37 pm

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    Website content is any information posted on it. Most often, content is understood as textual content, less often – video and audio materials.

    Without high-quality and regularly updated content, it is almost impossible to increase the effectiveness of online businesses and bring the site to the top of search ratings.

    Any information that the site offers to the user should be useful. Practice shows that frankly advertising articles do not enjoy great confidence among readers.

    But reliable and relevant expert-type content that tells about all the pros, cons and features of a product, service or company, on the contrary, makes people linger on the site and, finally, click the Buy button.

    The sales level is also influenced by such factors as ease of perception and comprehensibility of content, use of visual elements (illustrations, video materials), high-quality internal link structure and text size – all other things being equal, more voluminous content “sells” better. It is also important not to complicate the buying process for the potential customer – all the “buttons” should be at hand.

    And if, while viewing the content, the visitor wants to make a purchase, sign up for the newsletter or download your application, he should be able to do it immediately without wandering around the site in search of an order form. It is also worth mentioning that now search engine algorithms only rank sites with the highest quality content in the top search results.

    But support and help pages should also be on the website!!!

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